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Erase MS - "Orange You Happy to Erase MS Campaign" - May 5, 2012

Posted May 13, 2012 and tagged with campaign, orange. 5/5/12


  • I have had MS since August 1996. The relapsing kind can never remember what both R's stands for but I know I am considered a lucky one because I have type & not the other one. I am 55 yrs old & at have a very difficult time getting around but I try to keep going. When I saw the ads for "orange happy to erase MS". I thought this was a great thing before this I had not really seen anything wanting help get rid of MS. Thank you for those who started this program. Do you have a listing odor catalog of the orange things for sale. Thank you once for starting this program. Helen

    Helen Haas said (5 years ago)

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