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Time To Rejuvenate - A Guest Blog

January 6, 2016

By: Kristina Marie Dizard

Time to rejuvenate. Time to refresh. Time to reflect.

Am I the only one that gets a bit frazzled over the countdown to a new year? Expectations shouting at you through the voices of loved ones ...

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Top 10 Multiple Sclerosis Articles of 2015

January 5, 2016

by Multiple Sclerosis News Today

Multiple Sclerosis News Today has reported the latest therapies, clinical trial developments, and events in multiple sclerosis (MS) on a daily basis throughout the past year. As 2015 comes to an end, here are the ...

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Audio Version of a One-Woman Musical Shines a Light On MS, Loss & Inspiration

December 10, 2015

by Race to Erase MS

In Singing My Way Back, Bobbi Vandervort weaves together narrative and 22 original songs to tell her compelling story of life before and after her diagnosis of MS. In the moving one-woman musical, professional singer-songwriter ...

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Thankful for Boundaries - A Guest Blog

December 3, 2015

by Kristina Marie Dizard

The holiday season is upon us, friends! Crisp fall air and crackling fire join together in perfect harmony. Warm coffee and crimson falling leaves awaken our senses. This season of pass-the-stuffing and thanksgiving cheer brings with ...

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Study Suggests Pediatric MS Patients Can Benefit Greatly from Physical Activity

August 20, 2015

A recently published study in the journal Neurology entitled “lower physical activity is associated with higher disease burden in pediatric multiple sclerosis” suggests pediatric patients with multiple sclerosis can benefit from engaging in regular moderate to strenuous activity, in that ...

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Wonder - A Guest Blog

August 12, 2015

by Kristina Marie Dizard

I sat on my gigantic pillow-top bed (you know, the ones that make the clouds envious) and as I rifled through my old goal jar from January I found myself holding onto one specific goal. Do ...

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M.S. Mighty Strong - A Guest Blog

June 30, 2015

by Kristina Marie Dizard

Newsflash! M.S. actually stands for Mighty Strong.

I’ve made an executive decision to change the meaning of this acronym to what it really stands for. After-all, who decided what it meant in the first ...

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9 Years with MS - A Guest Blog

June 11, 2015

by Caroline Kyriakou

It’s been quite a while since my last blog post. As someone with MS, you have good days and bad days. Lately I have been struggling with insomnia and fatigue. I am sure most of you ...

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Orange You Happy to Erase MS?

May 27, 2015

by Kristina Marie Dizard

May is a month for great MS Awareness, and all I can seem to manage to say when asked about how I am doing is, “It could be worse.” This has become my mantra. Friends are ...

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Fingerprints of Love - A Guest Blog

March 18, 2015

by Kristina Marie Dizard

This last week I felt like I had been hit by a Semi-Truck, and then ran over by it again & again as I lay lifeless on the cold cement. Physically I was not injured, but the ...

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Top 10 Multiple Sclerosis Articles of 2015

Posted: Jan 05, 2016by Multiple Sclerosis News Today Multiple Sclerosis News Today has reported the latest therapies, clinical trial developments, ...

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