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Erase MS

Archived Research

Past Collaborative Studies Completed

• Oral Interferon Tau
• Treatment decreases B cells and antibodies against the nervous system
• Add-on therapy for patients doing poorly on interferon therapy
• Lipitor (atorvastin) for patients with early multiple sclerosis
• Memantine for MS cognitive impairment
• Recombinant T Cell Ligand Therapy

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Past Single Site Studies Completed

Some very novel agents are currently being developed by individual Center Without Walls funded centers. Single-site studies serve the valuable function of deriving preliminary data that, if encouraging, will come to fruition as larger collaborative trials:

• Vaccination with a portion of the T cell receptor, Neurovax
• Oral alpha lipoic acid
• Neuroprotection with riluzole in early MS
• Salbutamol and Copaxone
• Omega-3 fatty acid in the treatment of depression and as an immunomodulator
• American ginseng for MS fatigue
• High dose cyclophosphamide study
• Ginkgo Biloba for Cognitive Impairment in MS
• CTLA4-Ig
• Anti-CD3 Therapy

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