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MS Minute Videos

The Race to Erase MS brings you a new series called “MS Minute.” Each webisode in the series will be an informative video clip about a different aspect of Multiple Sclerosis. The “MS Minute” will feature our world renown doctors from our “Center Without Walls” program discussing new advances in the field of MS, upcoming studies, and common questions that every person with multiple sclerosis faces. Please forward these clips to friends and family and comment below.

MS Minute #1 – The Flu Shot and Patients with MS – Dr. Leslie Weiner

MS Minute #2 – Multiple Sclerosis & Depression – Dr. Adam Kaplin

MS Minute #3 – Identifying MS Genes – Dr. David Hafler

MS Minute Video #4 – Balance, Falls, and Multiple Sclerosis – Dr. Michelle Cameron

MS Minute Video #5 – Progressive MS & Viruses as MS Triggers – Dr. Dennis Bourdette

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