My Florida Vacation

My Florida Vacation Last month I went on vacation and enjoyed a week away. I had a great time! I went with my friend Barbara to Florida and we spent...

My Florida Vacation

Last month I went on vacation and enjoyed a week away. I had a great time! I went with my friend Barbara to Florida and we spent most of the week in Vero Beach and 2 days in Orlando.


I was a little concerned if MS would rear it’s ugly head while I was away, but didn’t have any more trouble than if I was at home. I tried not to get too excited about my trip, thinking it would cause some increased symptoms. I also was considering if I should take the opportunity to board my plane early, when they allow people with children to board and anyone who needs extra time. Both flights I didn’t. I knew if I wanted to, I had a complete right to, but was concerned with what other people would think. Kind of like getting use to using my handicap placard (for the whole story see my blog Handicap Placard). But, I am still at a point where I really don’t need the extra time, and I am thankful for that!

Downtown Disney


My week consisted of shopping at the wonderful outlet stores (so many great deals!), relaxing, watching movies and we got to see manatees! We spent some time in Downtown Disney, which has a lot of stores, restaurants, a movie theater and more. The weather was great and it was mostly warm and sunny every day.

There is a hot air balloon in Downtown Disney that we could see from the balcony in our room. The last few times I have been to Orlando, there was another hot air balloon there and I fell in love with it. I am afraid of heights, but there is something about this balloon I love. Someday I would like to face my fear and go up in the balloon.




I did however face another fear. I don’t know how to swim, but enjoy going in pools. Though, I have never put my head underwater. I tried a few years ago on my last vacation, but was too scared. I knew this year I wanted to face this fear and I am happy to report I did put my head almost completely underwater three times! The first time I definitely needed a little help (by help I mean push!) from Barbara. After that I was ok on my own and below is proof of my accomplishment!


We also had some great meals. We had a little kitchen area in both our hotels so we were able to go grocery shopping and eat in our room. We ate out too and enjoyed Italian food from Olive Garden (they have a great deal – dinner and a take home dinner for the next night at a great price), a tuna melt from the Earl of Sandwich and a delicious pot roast dinner from Cracker Barrel! Vacations always go by so fast! I did miss Abe (he doesn’t like traveling so he held down the fort at home) and was ready to come home by the end of the week. Though, it’s always hard getting back into the swing of things.




Below are a few more pictures from my trip. Here’s to my next vacation!


At Round Island where we saw manatees


Outside of Mary, Queen of the Universe church


My beloved bear Snuggles with the signature Disney towel greeting


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