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Erase MS

Guest Blogging Series & "MS Under a Microscope"

Posted July 21, 2011 and tagged with mothers with multiple sclerosis, multiple sclerosis bloggers.

We hope you have been enjoying our guest bloggers’ personal stories – we certainly have!

Keep checking back as we’ll have more authentic voices from the MS Community. Some upcoming entries will be from mothers with MS, mothers whose daughters have MS, and a health/life coach with MS!

Interested in sharing your own story with our readers? Please email

In the meantime, we suggest reading Ability Magazine’s article,‘MS Under a Microscope’. The magazine’s editor-in-chief brought an MS patient to an interview with neurologists at UCSF‘s Multiple Sclerosis Center. We are proud to say UCSF is a part of our Center Without Walls, a research consortium committed to finding a cure for Multiple Sclerosis.

As always, thanks for helping us ERASE MS!

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