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Erase MS

Diet and Lifestyle to Help You Thrive with MS, Part 7 - What are You Grateful For?

Posted November 21, 2011

We are thrilled that our wellness hero, Laurie Erdman, is back to share her seventh installment of her diet and lifestyle series. She provides amazing support and strategies that help people make wellness a part of their everyday life:

Wouldn’t it be great if you could eat one thing (kale maybe) and transform your life with energy, emotional freedom and sparkle? Many people I talk to believe if they change their diet they will miraculously enjoy their life and all their problems will disappear.

Guess what? It’s not that easy.

Sure, diet was a critical part of my healing journey with multiple sclerosis. But there is so much more to the equation.

Creating a life you enjoy – free of disease – requires changing what you eat AND what you think, how you relate to others, and what you believe about yourself and what you deserve. This sounds like a lot and can seem impossible when you’re stuck in a rut with a body that is failing you and a life you don’t know how to change. I mean really, can’t you just eat your broccoli to remove the gloom? Change seems so overwhelming.

Here’s one of my secrets. Start with gratitude.

It’s where transformation starts. Not with kale – although that is super important. Not with green juice – although it helps a lot. Nourishing the body without nourishing the soul will not create the healing results so many of us desire.

I know this sounds simple. But as I was experimenting with my anti-inflammatory diet and lifestyle approach, I was also spending 5 minutes every morning writing down 3 things I was grateful for that day. It wasn’t always easy. But I did it every day.

This simple practice helped me bridge the gap between my old, hard driving, overworked, stressed-out, anxious way of living to an empowered, energetic, pleasurable life, clear of brain fog and unrestrained by fatigue.

Gratitude interrupts the overwhelmingness and resets your compass to keep you on the path toward your goals.

Yes, gratitude actually helps transform your diet and your health. It helps reduce inflammation. It alleviates depression. It helps you supercharge your life.

Gratitude is powerful and easy to use. You don’t need anything fancy to do it. Any piece of paper will do to record your gratitude.

Share what you are grateful for.

Laurie Erdman helps busy individuals living with chronic illness, stress or fatigue double their energy so they get moving again. She overcame multiple sclerosis, fatigue, and chronic stress, and now inspires and educates others to create a healthier, more vibrant life. Laurie is Founder and Chief Wellness Hero at Chronic Wellness Coaching.

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