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Erase MS

Movement is Medicine

Posted April 6, 2012 and tagged with ms, news.

We were so excited to meet the outstanding Michelle Hart via twitter and we have been fascinated by her talents and services in somatic movement ever since! She shares with us the values of somatics and how beneficial somatic movement is to one’s health! Movement is her passion and she has tons to share with you:

How you move is a reflection of how your brain works. Change the way you move, change how your brain works!

With MS, the brain needs to be rewired, as certain connections between the brain and the body have been lost. Jeffrey Schwartz, MD emphasizes that as “neural electricians” with a neuro-plastic brain, we can take charge of our brain function– “we are not restricted to working with existing wiring, we can run whole new cables through our brain.”

Somatic Movement Coaching trains you to move your body, emotions and mind in new ways. This creates new neural pathways and flips your body’s switch to heal itself. The brain is designed to keep growing and evolving. This takes conscious effort.

Physical Movement: The body is designed to move.

Somatic Movement Coaching trains you to move ‘somatically’- to move with awareness and to feel yourself as you move as opposed to movement being a chore, something you have to do or an activity to take your mind off of everything else.

What happens to you?

If you have trouble with walking, that means the connections between your legs and your brain are weak. By feeling the movement in your legs, you have to use your attention– your mind– so you’re actually hooking up the circuits between your brain and your legs.

How do I guide you to move physically?

- First, I teach you to feel different places in your legs. If you are numb or have very little sensation or have pain, by simply placing your attention on a specific area and feeling that area, you will reconnect the circuit between your brain and your legs. The more you do it, the stronger the circuit becomes.

–With hands-on re-patterning, I use my hands to help you feel your body more easily and create new connections. I use different positions and levels of pressure depending on what I feel would assist you most.

–Now that the basic circuits are hooked up, I guide you to move somatically: to expand your flexibility, strength, stamina, stability and agility while continuing to feel your legs. This leads to full rehabilitation and freedom of movement.

Emotional Movement: You can’t heal what you can’t feel.

Somatic Movement Coaching trains you to allow your emotions to flow through the body as opposed to suppressing or venting them. Blocked emotions create energy blocks, which interfere with your body’s electrical system. According to Dr. George Jelinek, in Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis [p.277] it is very important “to commit to a continuous process of exploring and resolving emotional and spiritual ‘dis-ease’ and unfinished business. Often it is these past, poorly resolved issues that make and keep people sick.” You are a neural electrician and I train you stay current with feelings so that you are not storing feelings in your body and to address old, unresolved feelings.

Not feeling, which shows up as numbness, apathy, boredom, lack of motivation, depression or overwhelm, stress, anxiety, agitation, worry can easily become a dominant pattern. Over the years, this depression/anxiety pattern becomes imprinted into the nervous system and more embedded. By unlocking emotional blocks you interrupt this patterning and develop new neural connections based on emotional movement. This rehooks your brain circuits and strengthens your vital energy and desire for life.

How do I guide you to move emotionally?

- I guide you to breathe. Breathing allows you to feel more.
– As emotions bubble up to the surface naturally, I teach you to build your feeling muscles by including these feelings and how to let them move through your body.

When you let yourself feel, you release blocked emotions + trapped energy and increase your energy supply!

You also build a stronger relationship with yourself, which improves all of your relationships with the people in your life.

Mental Movement: Energy flows where attention goes.

Somatic Movement Coaching trains you to use your mind in a way that activates your energy.

How do I guide you to move mentally?

–I train you to redirect your attention on feeling inside your body, when it drifts fixating mentally, which focuses your attention.
–I train you to notice tear down thinking and how to redirect it to positive thinking. A positive attitude and an agile mind, allows more energy to flow through the brain and enhances neuroplasticity.

Somatic Movement Coaching can be done:
* sitting, standing or lying down
* to address any part of the body that needs greater function.
* in person or via skype.

I give you a personalized program that includes physical, emotional and mental movement so you can keep up a daily practice and keep creating and strengthening new circuits!

I also do participatory bodywork, that can be very gentle and rejuvenating if you’re sensitive or more engaged and invigorating. It isn’t passive– which is very unique– you participate in the process. And it feels really, really good!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask! Check out her website to learn more! Michelle will also be joining us at our annual MS Forum and health expo, May 19th at the Hyatt Regency Century City Los Angeles, so be sure to come check out her somatic movement programs and all her services there!


  • Hi, I love what you are saying and know its true. I have Primary Progressive MS and by practicing these techniques I am healthier and stronger than I was 2 years ago.

    My chiropractor and massage therapist have been key to my recovery, as is my regular meditation practice. I also pay attention to my diet and nutrition.

    This illness can be a gift, even if some days are really hard and discouraging at times.

    Melanie said (10 years ago)

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