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Blogging Readathon for Brain Power - A Guest Blog

Posted August 28, 2012

We are so ecstatic to feature another blog post from the spectacular, Ricardo Veloz, who shares with us some wonderful ideas about how to conquer “cognitive fog”, which is a symptom for many of us who have multiple sclerosis. Read about what he does to stimulate some brain power and have some fun:

Having multiple sclerosis and being home bound you have to sometimes search out for fun, for most of us that mainly involves the internet. With the help of my wife I found an activity that is productive and involves my internet passion. After I was diagnosed in January of 2010 I sought out ways to educate and let both friends and strangers know about MS. I normally enjoy reading, it’s more productive than TV and you learn something in the process. I have relapsing remitting Multiple Sclerosis; one of my hurdles I deal with is cognitive issues. Having cognitive issues (or Cog-Fog) reading tends to be a hassle for many. About two years ago I started participating in an online Blogging Readathon, the particular readathon that I participate in is a 24 hour event (it is NOT mandatory to do the whole thing). You spend your day with your book and detail your reading exploits online either by blogging or by facebook. It is an excellent excercise in brain power, I dedicate my blogging time during the readathon to post about MS and educate my fellow book lovers and hopefully at the same time encourage my fellow MSers to grab a book by the cover and just dig in! The particular read-a-thon that I participate in is a Biannual event, however you don’t need to wait till one starts to enjoy a good book.

-Ricardo Veloz

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