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Take Action - Van DiBernardo

Posted February 2, 2012 and tagged with foundation blog, ms news.

Here is another incredible post from guest blogger, Van DiBernardo. He always has wonderful stories and inspirational dispositions to share on MS and the journey of life:

In the words of Stephen Hawking:

“My expectations were reduced to zero when I was 21. Everything since then has been a bonus”. – Stephen Hawking

I used to design shoes for Donna Karan
I used to work in Italy, France, Spain, and Brasil
I used to dance until 4 in the morning
I used to never question the certainty of tomorrow
I used to rely on no one
I used to take life for granted

Today I am designing cooling garments
Today I work in Buffalo, NY
Today I can walk 3 blocks without tiring
Today I am certain of nothing except change
Today I rely on my family and friends
Today I am grateful for the life I’ve been granted.

Stephen Hawking explored the expanse of the universe from the confines of his wheelchair. He was brilliant beyond measure, considered himself “lucky”, and believed we should live to “seek the greatest value of our action”.

You don’t need to be rocket scientists to make actions of value. You only need to take an action that makes a difference in your own universe. That will be your first bonus. The rest will surely follow.

-Van DiBernardo


  • Thank you!

    Lorie said (9 years ago)
  • Innspiring poem! You are still using you talents and even more needed and appreciated.

    Kathy said (9 years ago)

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