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Diet and Lifestyle to Help You Thrive with MS, Part 11 – How Do I Get All Those Veggies?

Posted February 15, 2012 and tagged with foundation blog, ms news.

Another outstanding installment from health and wellness expert, Laurie Erdman:

I have shared with you my discovery of eating an alkaline diet to reduce inflammation and help me thrive with multiple sclerosis. If you have done any research since then you know that any kind of alkaline or anti-inflammatory diet is heavy on the vegetables. This is a really good thing.

The difficulty I discovered, when adopting this way of eating, is it can be a challenge to eat all those vegetables. Some MS diets recommend 9 cups of fruits and vegetables a day. Wow. As I trying to get my pH into an alkaline state (as measured in by my morning urine), it seemed that no matter how much kale or sweet potatoes I ate, I couldn’t hit my target range (6.4 – 7.2 as measured each morning). I was challenged to get enough vegetables.

When I was about ready to give up, I discovered green juice. Within days of starting regular juicing, I was consistently hitting my pH numbers. The green juice and the absence of acid producing foods allowed my body to restore itself to its desired state. But more exciting was the fact that I was full of energy. My mind fog lifted. I felt like I was working on all cylinders. That’s because I was. Every cell in my body became focused on healing the damage caused by multiple sclerosis. Since then, green juicing has become a regular part of my routine.

I found that drinking a daily green also ensures that your cells are operating properly. And cells that operate properly give you the energy to THRIVE!

Green juicing is also about prevention. Really, who wants to be sick? Being sick sucks and just because you have MS doesn’t mean you are immune to other conditions. So green juices are the perfect way to help protect you from a long list of ailments from auto-immune diseases and type-II diabetes, to cancer. Is it a guarantee that you won’t get these diseases? No — life has no guarantees. But juicing is about making that time we have on earth as vital and vibrant as possible.

Laurie Erdman is an energy creator and healing instigator. As Chronic Wellness Coaching’s Chief Wellness Hero, Laurie helps those suffering from fatigue and auto-immune conditions transform fatigue into fabulous, sick into super and lethargic into lively. Book Laurie as your organization’s next inspirational speaker or as your personal coach. She’ll help you Get Up & Go!
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