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Erase MS

ABC News - Balance Wear Vest helps MS Patients

Posted June 25, 2012

We recently came across a new device invented in northern California, which improves balance and mobility for patients with MS.
Visit the company website here:


  • Ann has had MS for almost 30 years, she has had the CCSVI treatment that helped her a lot but her bad balance is back. She is on medicare and we would like more info on this vest. My phone # is 813 758 5146, we live in Florida

    Ann Steiner said (9 years, 10 months ago)
  • I have had MS for 5yr my balance is bad and restricts me from doing a lot of thing which I liked to do, while browsing the internet for any news on MS I came across the site motion therapeutics and the balance vest I live in England and wondered if it was available over here I would be grateful for any information.

    JEAN ARMSTRONG said (9 years ago)

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