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News from September 2013

Discovery of 48 More Genetic Variants Linked with MS

September 30, 2013

Another milestone in multiple sclerosis research, scientists have found an additional 48 genetic variants that are linked with MS. This brings the total number of known genetic variants to 110.

Individually, each genetic variant is only responsible for a very small risk for multiple sclerosis. But when taken together, the 110 genetic variants “explain approximately 20 percent of the genetic component of the disease,” according to a news release on the finding.

Being able to understand the genetic roots behind the disease will help further our understanding of the disease and will ultimately help scientists find a cure.

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Join us for the Winter MS Forum

September 24, 2013

Taking place at the Hyatt Regency Century City on December 8, 2013 from 1–3pm. Free and open to the public our Center Without Walls MS research doctors will be discussing specific MS topics.

New Clue Helps Early Detection of MS

September 20, 2013

Scientists at Rutgers University in Newark tried a new approach to look into the gray matter of MS patients. They analyzed proteins in cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), which can be thought of as the central nervous system’s “blood.” By comparing the quantity of specific CSF proteins in patients who were newly diagnosed or had the relapsing remitting variety of MS with that of healthy patients, the researchers found an uneven distribution of 20 proteins among the three groups.

In the past, studies have focused on the white matter in the brain, as it shows the impact of degradation much more easily. This shift in focus to the gray matter may bring conclusions not found in white matter studies.

To read more about the findings, visit: the Scientific American Article here.

2013 MS Research Update - Dimitrios Davalos, Ph.D

September 17, 2013

Meet one of our Young Investigators – Dimitrios Davalos, Ph.D – Gladstone Institutes – UCSF, discussing his MS research study

Upcoming Webinar - The Affordable Care Act & MS

September 17, 2013

Put this in your calendar – We are all interested to see how the Affordable Care Act will affect those with MS! The National MS Society will hold a webinar/teleconference to help people understand “The Affordable Care Act” on Tuesday, October 8.

Title: “The Affordable Care Act: What People with MS Need to Know”

Date/Time: Tuesday, October 8th from 7:30 – 8:30 p.m., ET

2013 MS Research Update - Vijayshree Yadav, MD, MCR, OHSU

September 11, 2013

Meet one of our Young Investigators – Vijayshree Yadav, MD, MCR, OHSU, discussing her MS research study

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