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Study Suggests Pediatric MS Patients Can Benefit Greatly from Physical Activity

Posted August 20, 2015

A recently published study in the journal Neurology entitled “lower physical activity is associated with higher disease burden in pediatric multiple sclerosis” suggests pediatric patients with multiple sclerosis can benefit from engaging in regular moderate to strenuous activity, in that physical activity was linked to a noticeable reduction in fatigue, lesions, and relapse rates.

The study examined 31 pediatric patients with MS. Those who reported having regular moderate physical activity, as determined by the Godin Leisure-Time Exercise Questionnaire (GLTEQ), were observed to have less sleep/rest and general fatigue symptoms. The researchers found the opposite to also be true, with those scoring higher on the PedsQL Multidimensional Fatigue Scale reporting lower levels of moderate physical activity.

To read the full article, >> CLICK HERE! <<

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