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Top 14 "MS News Today" Stories of 2014

Posted January 20, 2015

Given the fact that MS is a chronic, progressive, and disabling disease for which there is no cure, the multiple sclerosis community is always looking forward to the latest news regarding new therapies, devices or scientific findings about treating and curing the disease. These are the top 14 news stories of 2014 from Multiple Sclerosis News Today, based on the highest number of views per article:

#14. “Newly Identified Immune Cell Sheds Light on Multiple Sclerosis Cause“

#13. “MRIs are Revealing Multiple Sclerosis in Patients, Even Before Symptoms Begin“

#12. “Multiple Sclerosis Patients May Benefit From Use of Dorsiflexion Assist Orthosis, According To Research“

#11. “Researchers Report Alternate Explanation Discovery Of How And Why CCSVI Treatment Works In MS Patients“

#10. “IGF-1 Could Suppress Immune System in Multiple Sclerosis, Other Autoimmune Disease“

#9. “Rogue Protein Found in Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s Also Present in Multiple Sclerosis“

#8. “New Long-lasting Multiple Sclerosis Drug Will Come At a Steep Price“

#7. “Experimental Multiple Sclerosis Drug Clears Key FDA Hurdle, To Be Tested in U.S.“

#6. “Low Dose Naltrexone May Improve Multiple Sclerosis Patient Quality of Life“

#5. “Researchers Find Link Between Multiple Sclerosis & IBD

#4. “Experimental Multiple Sclerosis Drug Effectively Induces Remyelination in Pre-clinical Study“

#3. “New Multiple Sclerosis Drug May Repair Nerve Demyelination“

#2. “Vaccine Against MS Being Developed at Baylor Institute for Immunology Research“

#1. “Rare Brain Infection Death Spurs FDA To Update Warning Label for MS Drug“

To read the full article with brief summaries and links to the full article of each top 14 MS Story, >> CLICK HERE! <<

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