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When it heals the soul but hurts the body: Finding a healthy balance

Posted January 18, 2019 and tagged with latest, news.

By: Kristina Marie Dizard

When it heals the soul but hurts the body: Finding a healthy balance.

For me, summertime is a time of endless possibilities. Or so it feels. Vacation at the ocean, parks, ferry boat rides and picnics at the beach are some of our favorite things to do. Yet my body often struggles to keep up with my constantly racing, adventure seeking mind. How do we prioritize whether it is more important to rest the body or feed the soul? Can there be a healthy balance?
I’ll be the first to admit I have forgone the subtle warnings my body was communicating to me and forced it to scream at me with vigor to get my attention. Of course I am not proud of this, but sometimes I felt more inclined to follow my soul into the land it longed to explore instead of spending a day re-cooperating. Here are a few tips that helped me fight fatigue, and learn the balance my body was longing for:

• Always bring water with you on your outings—simple suggestion, but it’s easy to forget the importance of being hydrated. High PH water is even better, if you can!
REST, even if you don’t feel like you need it yet, and you are half way finished with your hike. Your body will thank you for it later.
• Put ice packs in a cooler to bring to the beach/park. They are an easy tool to help you cool off when you feel overheated
• Make a weekly schedule, designating your low-key/rest days for everyone to see so that there is no confusion. (You hopefully have someone keeping you accountable to those rest days, I know I need it.) This tool also helps my kids see when our activity days are so that they aren’t continually asking me, “What are we doing today?”

I have learned the hard way, the importance of balancing out the summer. This is the first summer in four years where I have not ended up in-patient at a Hospital for several days because of a bad flare-up. (Let me tell you, that was not what I had in mind for my “summer vacation.”) As much as it is imperative to feed your soul, and do the things your heart desires, make sure to rest your body first. You will enjoy those trips or active days even more! Your body will be rested and your mind will not have to worry as greatly, allowing you take it all in, one deep breath at a time.

Kristina Marie Dizard has published 2 poetry books: Undefined and Embrace Every Facet, and was diagnosed with M.S. in 2005. Kristina lives in Edmonds, Washington where she advocates for the homeless, enjoys the beach and fabulous book stores.

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