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Andrew Charles

Classic style with a rock-n-roll swagger.

Exclusive preview of Andrew Charles, the fusion of music and fashion, at the 18th Annual Race to Erase MS on April 29, 2011 at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza. Launching in Fall 2011.

Company Overview

Andrew Charles is a fashion line born in NYC and built on rock ‘n’ roll. We take classic style and give it a rock ‘n’ roll spin to create looks that stand out whether you’re onstage or in front of it.
The line will be launched nationwide in Fall 2011.


Musicians are known for their style as much as their music. Andrew Charles is inspired by everyone from The Rolling Stones, to The Ramones, to Metallica, to the kids on the Lower East Side looking for their big break. We are fueled by the fans and the amplifiers and driven by the beat of drums and the stomping of feet.

Andrew Charles is inspired by Andy Hilfiger, who has been in fashion and music his whole life. He started playing music at age 12, and his first job was selling clothes at his brother’s store, The People’s Place, in their hometown of Elmira, NY.

Andy first came to prominence in the 1980s playing the New York rock scene with King Flux, a band made up of Andy, his brother Billy, Richie Stotts from the Plasmatics, and Marky Ramone on drums. By the 1990s he was known throughout the music and fashion industries for placing musicians in national marketing campaigns and dressing them for TV, film, music videos, and events.

Now a partner with MESH (Music, Entertainment, and Sports Holdings), a company that specializes in entertainment brands, Andy is working with a team of designers and musicians to develop the Andrew Charles line for Fall 2011.


To be in style with music on our minds.

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