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Erase MS

New Wallet-Size Card an Essential Life-Saving Device

Posted November 9, 2006

A simple card that fits easily in any wallet, purse or lunchbox is poised to be a formidable safeguard against the approximately 98,000 deaths and 400,000 injuries that occur each year as the result of preventable medical mistakes, as well as an efficient and practical storage and back-up apparatus for all medical and personal information vital to cardholders and their loved ones. Created by Nancy Davis—founder of the Nancy Davis Foundation for M.S. (Multiple Sclerosis) and author of the self- help book Lean On Me—and backed by a 24-hour-a-day, user-friendly service, the My Very Necessary Medical I.D. Card is the very first of its kind and promises to be a personal safety asset that no one—from children to adults to senior citizens—should live without.

The face of the card is imprinted with vital information that is practical for the cardholder to have on-hand at all times, and of critical importance to an emergency care provider in severe instances when the cardholder is incapacitated or unable to communicate. Current medical condition, blood type, allergies, history of surgery and illnesses, as well as insurance carrier and physician’s contact information are all items included in the at-a-glance profile. Additionally, the card is linked to a secure central database that houses the cardholder’s healthcare history and any personal medical and legal records—MRIs, X-rays, birth certificate, passport, power of attorney and living will—he or she chooses to store along with those of family members.

A subscription-based service, the cardholder can update and manage document inventory at will. Documents that the cardholder selects to file in the Emergency Medical Records area of the Web-site will be viewable to any care provider by means of an I.D. code that is imprinted on the card and key tag that’s issued to the holder. Documents stored in the Member’s Account area of the site are accessible only to the cardholder and those the holder designates as privileged access-holders. For those cardholders without computers, documents can be mailed into the customer center. A toll-free customer service hotline is active at all times for support, and an email service alerts cardholders when important dates (i.e. appointments, updates to medication regimens) are approaching.

Having encountered numerous medical emergencies in her lifetime, My Very Necessary Medical I.D. Card creator Nancy Davis, herself a mother of five, hopes that the public will take heed of the necessity of such a service and be more proactive in terms of ensuring their own personal safety and that of their loved ones.

“I hear so many stories from colleagues in the medical field about accidents and fatalities involving people of all ages that could have been preventable had they the most basic personal medical information readily available,” remarks Nancy Davis, creator of My Very Necessary Medical I.D. Card. “It’s my hope that this simple product acts as not only as a preventative measure, but a tool that heightens awareness of the importance of knowing one’s own medical profile and having the information accessible at all times.”

An annual fee of $30 is required for a single membership, $50 for a couple, and an additional $20 per child or family member who are the ward of the subscriber. Parties who wish to register for the My Very Necessary Medical I.D. Card and service can log onto the service Web-site,

My Very Necessary Medical I.D. Card is not defined as a “Covered Entity” and is not bound by HIPAA guidelines for privacy compliance.

My Very Necessary Medical ID Card contains essential medical information in case of an emergency when the cardholder can’t speak for himself. The service allows cardholders to store and retrieve medical and legal records and will assist in reducing healthcare inefficiencies, limit the possibility of medical errors and ensure one’s legal wishes. It will empower members by making them more active partners in the managing and maintenance of their own healthcare records. My Very Necessary Medical ID Card ensures a safe and secure method to organize, store and immediately access one’s important medical information and legal wishes from anywhere in the world by using the Internet or calling a customer service operator 24/7.

Diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis fourteen years ago, Nancy Davis has since been tirelessly committed to the advancement of research and treatments in the fight against M.S. Having created the Nancy Davis Foundation for Multiple Sclerosis and The Center Without Walls—a network of top M.S. researchers dedicated to developing therapeutic approaches to eradicating M.S.—Davis’ efforts, which include the annual RACE to Erase M.S., have raised tens of millions of dollars for the cause. Davis has also authored the inspirational book, Lean On Me: 10 Powerful Steps to Moving Beyond Your Diagnosis and Taking Back Your Life and created the Peace & Love jewelry line, a portion of the proceeds of which are donated back to The Center Without Walls. Wife and mother of five, Davis resides in Los Angeles and remains active as a black-belt in karate and an avid skier and tennis player. Her family is the reason she was so determined to fight to regain her health and stay healthy.

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