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Karman Healthcare - MS Forum and Expo

Posted May 2, 2012

Come join us on May 19th at the Hyatt Regency Century City in Los Angeles, CA for our annual MS Forum and Health Expo. You wont want to miss out! You will be able to listen in and ask questions at our MS forum, where our research scientists will be discussing their MS research and all the progress being made in MS treatments. Futhermore, the event includes a health expo which will feature companies showcasing their health and ability services and products! One of our vendors will be the incredible Karman Healthcare, which designs and manufactures mobility products, providing high quality with competitive prices. We are so grateful for their outstanding service to the community and for being a vendor at our expo:

Karman is one of the few manufactures that puts our customer’s needs, first class mobility, and quality of life first. Our products are designed and engineered to be unique and leading in light weight, unique, and leading in innovations focal points based on patient benefits. As an example, our Tilt-in-Space (VIP-515) is one of the only Lightweight Tilt-in-Space that also Folds, making mobility by caregivers and loved ones easier. They don’t need a special vehicle to just transport their mobility product. Check it our here!

Also, our patented S-Shape seating system is not only ergonomic, but also offers comfort and significant pressure relief for prolonged usage. Building these features right into the frame of the wheelchair is proof of our dedication to comfort and not an afterthought of putting on a cushion. Check it out here!

And last but not least, mobility to stand is our ultimate goal for all disabilities. Our efforts to provide full mobility in both a sitting and standing position allows of wealth of benefits in which many take for granted. Our XO series chairs, provide mobility in a stand up position to all users using the latest in technology while making it affordable, see it here!

We have many mobility products to offer and patient specific. That is why our most trusted dealers further our value offerings through their business. Check out today and let us know how we can best serve you!

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