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Erase MS

Ideas to help fundraise for your Virtual Race Page!

Posted February 8, 2013

Thank you so much for everyone who has joined our Virtual Race and to all those getting involved in donating and helping to raise money for MS research so we can find a cure! Here are a few ideas to raise some money for your Virtual Race page – we want to help you raise money so you can earn tickets to our 20th Anniversary Gala on May 3, 2013. There is a little more than a month left to fundraise! We are more than happy to send t shirts or information if you decide to partner with a business or hold an event fundraiser.

1. Send out an email to 20 friends and family members asking them for a $20 donation!
2. Tweet and Facebook about your donation page on #CharityTuesday!
3. Partner with a local restaurant and throw a dining fundraiser when for one day the restaurant will donate proceeds to the foundation on your behalf – create flyers to invite your friends and family! Get the neighborhood involved!
4. Partner with a fitness studio and ask them to donate a workout class –where you can invite your friends and family to attend a donation-based workout class; then the proceeds from the workout class can go to your donation page
5. Turn your birthday party into a fundraiser. Invite friends to your house or to a restaurant, and ask in your invitation that, in lieu of gifts, people make donations to the organization or cause.
6. Host a cookout or reception at your home, invite your friends (and encourage them to invite their friends). In your invitation, note clearly that this is a fundraiser for a particular organization and that you will be asking for donations. At the event, make a brief speech that you are raising money for the organization, and have flyers from the organization so people can learn more about it.
7. Hold a fundraiser at a local bar. Simply ask the bar if there is a slow day or night that you could use as a fundraiser for your cause. Tell everyone via your Facebook, email, at a social event, etc., that you are undertaking this activity and encourage them to attend and to share the information via their own networks as well. Ask a band or friends who sing to provide entertainment.
8. Sell home-made, baked goods at a small event, with permission of the event organizers. Have information about the organization to pass out and a sign that lets people know where their money is going.

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