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Financial Support Opportunites at The HealthWell Foundation

Posted March 3, 2015

Beat the financial stress of MS with assistance from the HealthWell Foundation!

Living with MS is stressful. It not only strains the body, tests the emotions and pressures the family, it pinches the pocketbook, too. However, patients receiving Medicare will find paying for treatment can be one less thing to worry about if they qualify for a grant from the HealthWell Foundation.

The HealthWell Foundation, a national non-profit, provides financial assistance to adults and children with chronic conditions who can’t afford out-of-pocket costs for prescription drug copayments, deductibles, and health insurance premiums.

In 2014, the first year HealthWell made grants to people with MS, the foundation approved grants for more than 3,000 MS patients. Some patients received more than one grant from HealthWell’s MS Fund. For more information visit HealthWell’s official website HERE!

Finding out if you or a loved one are eligible takes only a few minutes on the Foundation’s website, and applying for a grant is easy. Check for eligibility and apply online HERE! This MS Awareness Week, expand your knowledge and reduce your MS stress by learning about opportunities for financial support at the HealthWell Foundation!

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