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Top 10 Multiple Sclerosis Articles of 2015

Posted January 5, 2016

by Multiple Sclerosis News Today

Multiple Sclerosis News Today has reported the latest therapies, clinical trial developments, and events in multiple sclerosis (MS) on a daily basis throughout the past year. As 2015 comes to an end, here are the year’s 10 articles most widely read by Multiple Sclerosis News Today readers, each with a brief summary of the developments that made them of such interest to MS patients, caregivers and their loved ones.

No. 10 – “Vaccine Against MS Being Developed at Baylor Institute for Immunology Research”

No. 9 – “Ocrelizumab: Could Genentech/Roche’s Experimental Drug Be the First Effective Progressive MS Therapy?”

No. 8 – “A Step Toward Multiple Sclerosis Treatment? Phase 2 ANTI-LINGO-1 Results Announced”

No. 7 – “Mitochondria May Play a Role in MS Development and Progression”

No. 6 – “Multiple Sclerosis Treatments Benefit From Discovery of New Inflammatory Molecule”

No. 5 – “Increased R&D Focus On PoNS Neuromodulation Therapy Device For People With MS; Other Neurological Conditions”

No. 4 – “Three Years After Stem Cell Transplant Therapy Most MS Patient Subjects Still In Remission”

No. 3 – “Rare Brain Infection Death Spurs FDA To Update Warning Label for MS Drug”

No. 2 – “New Multiple Sclerosis Drug May Repair Nerve Demyelination”

No. 1 – “Multiple Sclerosis Could be Treated with a Surprising Medication”

To read the full article with brief summaries and links to the full article of each top 10 MS story of 2015, >> CLICK HERE! <<

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