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Erase MS

Abby's Mitzvah Project

About Abby

Abigail Katz is 12 years old and currently is in the 6th grade at Franklin Avenue Elementary School in Franklin Lakes, NJ. She has an older sister, Jordyn and her parents are Stacey and Adam. She also has a dog named Sammy and a cat named Jax. In her free time Abby enjoys spending time with her close group of friends and her family. She enjoys shopping, movies, reading and especially dancing, acting and singing. She spends her summers away at a camp called Tyler Hill in Pennsylvania. Abby is truly blessed to have such an amazing life and surrounded by so many amazing people.

When Abby was 3 years old her father, Adam, woke up on Thanksgiving morning complaining that his foot had fallen asleep. Nobody took any of this seriously and dismissed it as a pinched nerve from working out. When the next day came and Adam began experiencing unusual numbness on one side of his body as well as a splitting headache, he decided to call the doctor who sent him over to the hospital. The first diagnosis in the ER came back as a Stroke. He was 39 years old. For days the hospital ran tests and continued treating him for what they believed to be a stroke until a doctor came in to examine him and immediately concluded that he had Multiple Sclerosis. Immediately they ran new tests, discovered significant amount of lesions to his brain and spine and confirmed the diagnosis of MS. He remained in the hospital for 2 weeks meeting with neurologists and specialists.

Adam has lived with MS for the past 9 years. He has good days and he has bad days. His good days out weigh the bad. Abby doesn’t remember her father not having MS. She doesn’t remember not seeing her father giving himself injections. She doesn’t remember a a time when he didn’t complain about numbness in his hands or legs. The medications. The symptoms. The side effects. This is Abby’s normal. Adam has been very lucky keeping his MS at bay. He has a wonderful team of doctors and has responded wonderfully to his medications. He is fortunate. He is the best case scenario. He is lucky.

A few years after Adam’s diagnosis, he urged his older sister to be evaluated for MS because of a neurological eye condition she had years prior. Laurel’s results came back positive as well.

Adam is the love of Abby’s life. There is nothing she wouldn’t do for him. On November 1, 2014 Abby will become a Bat Mitzvah. In Jewish tradition, she must perform a Mitzvah Project. Abby has chosen Multiple Sclerosis as her cause and after considerable research, has selected the Race to Erase MS as her charity of choice. Not everyone is as lucky as Abby and not everyone is as fortunate as Adam.

Abby will be raising as much money as she can between now and November to help in the research and hopeful cure for Multiple Sclerosis. Abby’s first event was a teen spin held at SWEAT in Franklin Lakes, NJ on June 20th. Check out pictures from the event HERE. Abby’s parents purchased the space therefore allowing 100% of all money raised go directly to the Race to Erase MS. In addition to Abby’s events, donations can be made directly to the foundation. Please help Abigail make this the best Mitzvah Project she could hope fore. Hopefully Abigail will be part of the cure during her lifetime.

Click here to make a donation to Abby’s Mitzvah Project

Thanks to your support Abby has raised over $32,728.00 for the Race to Erase MS!

Donor Honor Roll

$5,000 - The Paulson Family

$2,570 - Abby's Sweat and Spin 2014

$2,500 - Andrew Hoine

$1,800 - Mommy and Daddy

$1,100 - Keith Hannan

$1,000 - Laury Pensa

$1,000 - Brad Rosenberg

$1,000 - The Rosenzweig Family

$1,000 - Ty Wallach

$500 - Michael Barr

$500 - Alexander Blades

$500 - Kim Block

$500 - Chris Bodak

$500 - The Coes Family

$500 - James D Hoffman

$500 - Sarah Katopodis

$500 - Julie and Michael Waldorf

$500 - Jill Zames

$380 - Scott and Alanna Arenstein

$360 - Stuart Merzer

$300 - Robert Garthe

$252 - Justin Beeber

$252 - Sheru Chowdhry

$252 - Guy Levy

$250 - Evan Davis

$250 - Lisa Flaherty

$250 - Claudio Macchetto

$250 - Kristen Maltese

$250 - Greg Sutton

$250 - William Yao

$200 - Cindy Zage

$200 - Peter Dunne

$200 - James Flaum

$200 - Sihan Shu

$200 - Fred Werner

$180 - Joyce Rodriguez-Luna

$150 - Risa DiLorenzo

$150 - Linda Forish

$150 - Mark Gordon

$150 - The Grayson Family

$150 - Samantha Greenberg

$150 - Jan Klein

$150 - Bonni Konefsky

$150 - John McCown

$150 - Marsha Rojas

$150 - Ben Steiner

$150 - The Wuhl Family

$150 - Claudia Warner

$120 - Francine Goldstein

$118 - Paul Lomberg

$118 - Andrew Klaber

$108 - Geri Topfer

$100 - Anthony Cardaci

$100 - John Christopoul

$100 - Jill Davanzo

$100 - Pranav Desai

$100 - Samantha Gabriel

$100 - Caroline Kim

$100 - Mitchell Knapp

$100 - Anna Linderum

$100 - The Lopis Family

$100 - Jill Marks

$100 - Tammy Murphy

$100 - James Olivio

$100 - Jose Perez

$100 - Danielle Rosano

$100 - The Sacks Family

$100 - Rejeev Shah

$100 - Kaitlyn Skamas

$100 - Rachael Wisneski

$100 - Krzysztofa Wojcik

$50 - Noah Bogan

$50 - Renee Buschmann

$50 - Lukas and the Choi Family

$50 - Ned Dybvig

$50 - Maxx Frost

$50 - Julia Harkola

$50 - Marcelo Kim

$50 - Laurel Katz

$50 - Myron Katz

$50 - Toni Ann Longo

$50 - Brett O'Brien

$50 - Kunwar Singh

$50 - Massimo Stabilini

$50 - John Slater

$50 - Chris Waskom

$50 - Gabi Wuhl

$18 - Gregory Schott

“Abby we are so proud of you and all of your hard work and dedication to the fight in the Race to Erase MS. All of your hard work has truly paid off!” – Love, Mommy and Daddy

“Mazel Tov on your Bat Mitzvah. Thank you for caring and sharing. We will find a cure.” – The Lomberg Family

“On the occasion of Abby’s Bat Mitzvah to raise money to help find a cure for MS. A donation has been made in memory of her pop pop.” – Francine Goldstein

“Abby what a beautiful accomplishment for a wonderful cause!” – With love, Claudia Warner

“Congratulations of your Bat Mitzvah. This contribution is made in honor of your great Dad” – The Paulson Family

“Great Job Abby!” – Kaitlyn Skamas

“Adam, I am incredibly proud of your courage and bravery and the vital values you are teaching your daughters through your words and deeds.” – Andrew

Adam, You have raised a beautiful, kind daughter. You are so blessed in many ways! Love, Lukas and the Choi Family

“Well done Abby!” – Jill Marks

“Proud of you Ab!” – Maxx Frost

“Congratulations on your Bat Mitzvah, Abby! We are very proud of you.” – The Grayson Family

“We can’t wait to celebrate with you and your family.” – The Rosenzweig Family

“Thank you for always being such a special person to my children and myself. You have a beautiful family. I am so happy we are a part of your lives xo” – Stacey, Cal, Tor, and Coop

“Wonderful project by lovely daughter” – John McCown

“Best wishes Abby!” – Alexander Blades

“Mazel Tox Abby!! We are so proud of your!! Looking forward to celebrating with you!! XOXO” – Jan Klein

“Abby you have grown to be such a wonderful girl!!! Love you and your family so much XOXO” – Krzysztofa Wojak

“Julie and I are pleased to help the effort to erase MS. Very best, Michael”

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